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How to Introduce New People to Your Dog

Even if you have a big family, meeting people outside your household is important for your new dog. Introductions can take place on walks through the neighborhood or trips in the car, but another great way to socialize your dog with all kinds of people is having a dog party. Ask a variety of friends over for snacks and playtime with your new dog.

That doesn’t mean that you just let your friends mob your adopted dog. Remember that all your dog’s initial interactions with people need to be calm and positive. Give your friends treats to give your dog. Have them approach her one at a time for petting and play. As everyone gives your dog focused and happy attention, your dog gets the impression that people are just great to be around and well worth pleasing.

Before socializing your dog, make sure she doesn’t have any aggression issues, such as snapping to protect food, or fear issues, such as anxiety around certain kinds of people. Putting your dog in situations in which she feels nervous, cornered, or surrounded by too many people before she’s ready can actually make her more fearful or anxious.

If you aren’t sure, try inviting friends over one at a time for awhile to find out how your dog reacts. And keep the treats coming.

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