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You can insert objects, such as graphics or information from other applications, into other files in Windows XP. You might want to insert photos or graphics into presentations, newsletters, or simply to create fun, personal files. And inserting an object into a file in Windows XP is easy.

  1. Choose Insert→Object.

    This opens a dialog box with a few options for you to select from in the next step. You can also typically find other commands on the Insert menus of Windows applications to insert pictures, other files, or objects that you create in small applications provided with suites of software, such as Office.

  2. Select an item in the Object Type list.


    After you select an item, you can do one of the following:

    • Click OK to create a new object. If that’s your choice, you’re done. If not, move right along with this next step.

    • Click the Create from File tab and then click the Browse button and continue following this list.

  3. Find the location of the file.

    You can find the location by using the Look In drop-down list or by selecting the file and then clicking the Insert button


    If you want to insert a link to the object rather than the object itself, select the Link to File check box.

  4. Click OK.

    Clicking OK closes the Insert Object dialog box.

If you want to display the object as an icon that the user can click to display the item, rather than as an object itself, be sure to select the Display as Icon check box before closing the Insert Object dialog box. You can even use a different icon by clicking the Change Icon button in the Object dialog box, Create from File tab and locating a different image.

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