You can configure a sound object to play automatically whenever you display a PowerPoint 2013 slide, or you can set it up so that it will play only when you click the sound object’s icon. Note that if you want the sound to play automatically and the sound is a WAV file, it’s easier to add it to the slide transition than to add it as a separate object.

To insert a sound file from your hard drive onto a PowerPoint slide, follow these steps:


Move to the slide to which you want to add the sound.

Open the Insert tab on the Ribbon.


Click the Audio button located on the right side of the tab and then choose Audio on My PC.

The Insert Audio dialog box appears.


Select the audio file that you want to insert.

You may have to rummage about your hard drive to find the folder that contains your sound files.


Click the Insert button.

The audio file is inserted into the current slide, along with a toolbar of controls that let you play the sound.

You can also insert sounds from the Internet. To do so, click the Audio button on the Insert task pane tab and then choose Online Audio. Then, you can search for the sound you want to insert.