PowerPoint lets you play a sound whenever you display a specific PowerPoint slide, or only when you click the sound icon on the PowerPoint slide. If you want the sound to play automatically and the sound is a WAV file, it’s easier to add it to the slide transition than to add it as a separate object. If you want to control when the sound plays or if the sound file is in a format other than WAV, follow these steps:


Move to the slide on which you want to insert sound.

Your slide is open for editing.


Open the Insert tab on the Ribbon and then click the Sound button located on the right side of the tab.

The Insert Sound dialog box appears.


Select the sound file that you want to insert.

Click Start—Search to search for files.


Click OK.

A dialog box appears, asking whether you want the sound to play automatically when you display the sound, or play only when you click the sound’s icon.


Click either the Automatically or When Clicked buttons.

The sound clip is added to your slide and represented by a little speaker icon.