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How to Improve the Sound in an iMovie ‘11 Video

What can you do if the sound levels in an iMovie ’11 video are inconsistent? Can you improve the sound throughout an iMovie video so that it doesn’t whisper in one part and boom in another? Fortunately, as you are about to learn, you can easily tweak the audio in your iMovie video so that the sound remains consistent from one scene to the next.

Start by clicking the Inspector button on the toolbar and then click the Audio tab to display various slider controls. If you want to adjust the volume of a single clip, select it and then drag the volume slider to the appropriate level. Click Done when you have it right or select another clip and repeat this little exercise in that one.

You can always restore the volume of a video clip to its original level by clicking the Revert to Original button.

If you want to normalize the volume across certain clips, select a clip and click Normalize Clip Volume. iMovie makes sure that the clip is as loud as it can be without distortion. Now choose another clip and do the same. The two clips are now within the same normalized range. Keep normalizing clips in this manner until they are all the way you want them.

When needed, you can play around with a so-called Ducking slider to reduce the audio on a given clip when more than one audio clip is playing at the same time − perhaps when you’ve added a voiceover or music to a video scene that already has sound. You get to choose the clip whose sound you want to emphasize.

While in the Inspector, try tweaking Fade In and Fade Out controls, too, if the use of such controls adds a little garnish to your masterpiece.

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