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How to Improve Quality Control through Customer Feedback

Part of the Quality Control For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Customer feedback is one of the most important resources for improving an organization's quality control. If you're serious about quality control, you can't assume that you know what the customer wants, and you can't wait for them to tell you. Actively seeking customer input ensures that you know exactly what the customer wants, which is the only way to keep your organization in business.

Your organization exists to provide for the needs of your customers. Use these tips to devise a feedback survey that reveals your customers' needs:

  1. Define your objectives; know what you hope to accomplish before you begin.

  2. Think about how you'll analyze the data you gather; consider your objectives as well as time and budget restraints.

  3. Use good questions that fit within your objectives and data-analysis method.

  4. Keep the data-collection process simple to minimize errors.

  5. Use an unrelated party to collect data to prevent bias.

  6. Train your data collectors to ensure consistency and accuracy.

  7. Perform a trial run to work out any bugs in the collection process.

  8. Make any modifications necessary and gather more information from a larger customer population.

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