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How to Import Your Blog to WordPress from an RSS Feed

If all else fails, or if WordPress doesn’t provide an import script that you need for your current blog platform, you can import your blog data via the RSS feed for the blog you want to import. With the RSS import method, you can import only posts; you can’t use this method to import comments, trackbacks, categories, or users. currently does not allow you to import blog data via an RSS feed; this function works only with the self-hosted platform.

  1. On the Import page on the WordPress Dashboard, click the RSS link and install the plugin to import from an RSS feed.

    Click the Activate & Install link, and the Import RSS page loads with instructions to import your RSS file.

  2. Click the Browse button on the Import RSS page.

    A window opens, listing the files on your computer.

  3. Double-click the export file you saved earlier from your RSS feed.

  4. Click the Upload File and Import button.

    The import script does its magic and then reloads the page with a confirmation message that the process is complete.

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