How to Import Pictures into Your iPhone

If you have photos on your computer that you want to import to your iPhone, you simply need to sync your iPhone with that computer. You can synchronize photos from a PC or Mac by using the Photos tab on the iTunes iPhone page:

  • On a Mac: You can sync photos via iPhoto software version 4.03 or later and Aperture.

  • On a PC: You can sync with Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.0 or later.

Alternatively, with both kinds of computer, you can sync with any folder that contains pictures.

Importing photos from your computer to your iPhone is a pretty painless process:

  1. Connect the iPhone to your computer.

  2. Open iTunes on your computer, if it doesn't open automatically.

  3. Click the Photos tab on the iTunes iPhone page.

  4. In the Photos tab, select the appropriate check boxes to specify the pictures and photos you want to synchronize.

    Alternatively, choose All Photos and Albums if you have enough storage on the iPhone to accommodate them.

Syncing pictures is a two-way process, so photos captured with the iPhone's digital camera can also end up in the photo library on your computer.

Mac users: Connecting the iPhone with photos in the camera roll usually launches iPhoto, in addition to iTunes.

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