How to Heed Your Laptop’s Low Battery Warning in Windows Vista

Thanks to smart-battery technology, your laptop computer gives you a good deal of warning before the battery poops out. You get enough time to finish what you're working on, save, close programs, and shut down the computer properly.

The low battery warning for Windows Vista.
The low battery warning for Windows Vista.

The above figure shows the low-battery bubble warnings that Windows Vista pop up. But that's only the initial warning. A second warning appears just before the battery dies. It should say "I told you so," but it really just warns you that a power-off situation is imminent. At that point, the laptop ignores you and either shuts down or goes into hibernation.

The warnings that appear, the time-to-zero notices, and the list of things the laptop actually does just before the battery poops out are all adjustable. Of course, you don't have to adjust anything because the standard settings provided by Windows should be ample.

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