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How to Grab Points with Object Snap Overrides in AutoCAD 2014

After you’ve drawn a few objects precisely in a new AutoCAD drawing, the most efficient way to draw more objects with equal precision is to grab specific, geometrically precise points, such as endpoints, midpoints, or quadrants, on the existing objects

Here’s how to draw precise lines by using object snap overrides:

  1. Open a drawing containing some geometry, or start a new drawing and create some.

  2. Turn off running object snap mode by clicking the OSNAP button on the status bar until the button appears to be dimmed and <Osnap off> appears in the command line.

    Although you can use object snap overrides while running object snaps are enabled, it is recommended that you turn off running object snaps while you’re becoming familiar with object snap overrides. After you get the hang of each feature separately, you can use them together.

  3. Start the Line command by clicking the Line button in the Draw panel on the Ribbon or by typing Line (or L) and pressing Enter.

    AutoCAD prompts you to select the starting point of the line:

    Specify first point:
  4. Hold down the Shift key, right-click anywhere in the drawing area, and release the Shift key.

    The Object Snap menu appears.

  5. Choose an Object Snap mode, such as Endpoint, from the Object Snap menu.

    The Object Snap menu disappears, and the command line displays an additional prompt indicating that you’ve directed AutoCAD to seek out, for example, the endpoints of existing objects:

    _endp of:
  6. Move the crosshairs slowly around the drawing, pausing over various lines and other objects. (Don’t click yet.)

    When you move the crosshairs near an object with an endpoint, a colored square icon appears at the endpoint, indicating that AutoCAD can snap to that point. If you stop moving the crosshairs for a moment, a tooltip displaying the Object Snap mode (for example, Endpoint) appears, to reinforce the idea.

  7. Click when the ENDpoint object snap square appears on the point you want to snap to.

    AutoCAD snaps to the endpoint, which becomes the first point of the new line segment that you’re about to draw. The command line prompts you to select the other endpoint of the new line segment:

    Specify next point or [Undo]:

    When you move the crosshairs around the drawing, AutoCAD no longer seeks out endpoints, because object snap overrides last for only a single pick. You can use the Object Snap right-click menu again to snap the other end of the new line segment to another point on an existing object.

  8. Display the Object Snap menu again (refer to Step 4). Then choose another Object Snap mode, such as MIDpoint, from the Object Snap menu.

    The command line displays an additional prompt indicating that you directed AutoCAD to seek, for example, midpoints of existing objects:

    _mid of:

    When you move the crosshairs near the midpoint of an object, a colored triangle appears at the snap point. Each object snap type (such as ENDpoint, MIDpoint, and INTersection) displays a different symbol. If you stop moving the crosshairs, the tooltip text reminds you of what the symbol means.

  9. Draw additional line segments by picking additional points. Use the Object Snap right-click menu to specify a single object snap type before you pick each point.

    Try the INTersection, PERpendicular, and NEArest object snaps. If the drawing contains arcs or circles, try Center and Quadrant.

  10. When you finish working with object snap overrides, right-click anywhere in the drawing area and choose Enter from the menu to end the Line command.

You can activate object snap overrides by entering the first three letters of a mode at the command line.

Right-clicking and Shift+right-clicking do different things in the drawing area:

  • Right-click: Displays menu options for the current command (or common commands and settings when no command is active).

  • Shift+right-click: Always displays the same Object Snap menu.

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