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How to Google Talk and Video Chat from Your Android Tablet

You can talk or video chat with your friends via Google on your Android tablet by touching the Voice or Video icon in the text chat window. When you do, your friend receives an invite pop-up and a talk notification. Or if a friend is asking you to voice or video chat, you see the pop-up. Touch the Accept button to begin talking.


The person you’re talking with appears in the big window; you’re in the smaller window. With the connection made and the invite accepted, you can begin enjoying video chat.


The onscreen controls may vanish after a second; touch the screen to see the controls again.

To end the conversation, touch the Close (X) icon. Well, say “Goodbye” first and then touch the X.

  • When you’re nude or just don’t want to video chat, touch the Decline button for the video chat invite. Then choose that contact and reply with a text message or voice chat instead.

  • The controls you see on the screen may change over time as Google updates the app. There has been a Mute icon and also a Speaker menu from which you can configure sound in the Talk app. There’s even been an Effects menu that lets you alter your appearance.

  • Touching the smaller of the two preview windows swaps that window’s content with the larger window.

  • The tablet’s front-facing camera is at the top center on either the long or the short edge of the tablet. If you want to make eye contact, look directly into the camera, though when you do you won’t be able to see the other person on the screen.

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