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Large hail driving at a slant into aluminum siding leaves its mark. So do people. When your siding looks as though it’s been knocked out, surprise, it can be fixed quite easily! You need a #6 self-tapping screw — it taps all by itself, no drilling hole first — 120-grit sandpaper, two-part auto body filler, pliers, a putty knife, and paint that matches the siding. Here’s what to do:

  1. Screw the #6 self-tapping screw into the center of the dent.

    You want it where it’s deepest.

  2. Use pliers to pull the dent halfway up.

    Use caution if you are standing on a ladder. Pull gently; it doesn’t take a lot of force to pull out the dent.

  3. Using sandpaper, take off all the paint.

    Sanding sponges work well.

  4. Fill the dent with the two-part auto body filler.

    Use a putty knife to scrape the surface level with the siding.

  5. Sand the patch to remove all roughness and paint it to match the siding.

    When the paint dries your siding will look like new.

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