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If you’ve used a previous version of Quicken, the Quicken 2012 program might show option buttons to indicate what you want to do after the initial setup: Open the found data file. (Alternatively, you can indicate that you want to open some other data file.) You’re done. You’re ready to begin Quicken-ing.

The Quicken setup process can usually tell whether you’ve used Quicken before. The setup process knows where the Quicken installation program usually puts the Quicken program and data files, and the installation program will look there.

If you’ve used Quicken before but Quicken can’t see this, two possibilities exist: The first possibility is that you put the Quicken data file someplace weird. (If that’s the case, hopefully, you remember the weird place you hid the Quicken data file.)

The second possibility is that you didn’t do anything with the Quicken data file but that the data file has somehow gone missing. (If that’s the case, hopefully you backed up the Quicken data file to a CD or to some other disc from which you can restore the data file.)

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