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How to Find Lion Server Help at

Apple has quite a bit of information about Mac OS X Server on its website. Unfortunately, finding what you want can take some time. Here’s a list of several different ways you can enter that might provide a quicker route to what you need regarding Mac OS X Server:

  • Recently updated tech-support articles: This page lists the newest and most recently modified troubleshooting and how-to articles. This is a good page to check a few days after Apple releases a software update.

  • Mac OS X Server support: Here, you can find links to support pages for individual Mac OS X Server services, such as file sharing, iCal Server, and the rest. It also has links to popular how-to and troubleshooting articles and to recent software updates related to Mac OS X Server.

  • Apple Discussions pages: Here, you can post a question or search the forum for an answer to a question that someone else may have asked. This first page lists forums for everything Apple, but the Server Product category has areas for Mac OS X Server, Xserve, and other IT topics. To post a question, log in with an Apple ID, such as your iTunes account.

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