If you need to find specific text in your PowerPoint presentation, you can use the Search feature. PowerPoint allows you to search all the slides in your presentation and replace text in just a few easy steps:


Click the Home tab in the Ribbon.

Start from home.


Click Editing

A drop-down menu opens.


Open the Replace dialog box.

This displays choices for Find and Replace. If you want to find a word in a presentation, you can use the Find dialog box. However, using the Replace dialog box offers you the options for finding words and replacing words.


Type a word you want to find and/or replace in your presentation in the Find What text box.

Enter the text to search for.


Narrow your search.

Choose Match case to match letter case. Check Find Whole Words Only to locate whole words and not word stems.


Click Find Next.

This finds the next occurrence of the text.


(Optional) To replace a text, type the text that you want.

This overrides your original text.


Click Replace.

To replace all instances of the text, click Replace All.


Click Close.

Just that easy, you’re done!