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Suburban chic flocks

Perhaps you’re a modern family with two children and a family dog. You fell in love with your home because it has space for ornamental and vegetable gardens. You’ve caught the bug of sustainability, growing as much of your food as you can, and you experiment with all kinds of heirloom seeds. Nothing makes you happier than spending as much time in your garden as you can.

You designed your garden for relaxing, entertaining, and eating what you grow from your garden. Raising chickens in your garden seems like the next logical step, and your children are eager to help. Someone is usually home during the day, and weekends can be busy with entertaining friends.

You’re an innovative, creative type and can further fit a chicken coop and chicken runs into your garden design. Your garden is mature to the point where your chickens have shelter, food, and protection when they free-range in your garden.

Your children consider their chickens as family pets, and are always willing to check on them and give them treats. You’ve trained your dog to be a protector of your chickens in your garden. Your entire backyard is fenced in. Your chickens and chicken coop are a functioning integral part of your garden.

You’ve calculated your garden space and you easily have room for eight hens. You have plenty of room for large (standard) chicken breeds that are docile and people-friendly. Because you’re new to raising chickens, you want to play it safe and start first with five hens. Five hens will also cover the fresh egg needs for your family, and entertaining.

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