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After you finish creating your e-book in iBooks Author, you need to export it to prepare it for distribution through the iBookstore or elsewhere. If you don’t charge for the e-book, you can both make it available for free in the iBookstore and distribute it for free outside the iBookstore. But if you charge for the e-book, you must distribute it only via the iBookstore.

When your e-book is ready to be exported, follow these steps:

  1. Start the export of the book in iBooks Author as an .itmsp file by clicking the Publish button in the toolbar.


    The settings sheet opens.

  2. Enter a filename in the Save As field.

  3. Specify a location where you want to save the file in the navigation section of the settings sheet.

  4. Click Publish to complete the export.

The iBookstore has a maximum file size of 2GB for e-books, and Apple recommends keeping e-books less than 1GB in size. It also notes that books larger than 20MB can’t be downloaded over cellular (3G and 4G) connections, just over Wi-Fi or via iTunes.

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