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How to Enter and Edit Text in Snow Leopard's Pages

Pages is the Desktop Publishing application that comes with Snow Leopard. If you’ve used a modern word processing program on any computer — including “freebies” such as TextEdit on a Mac or WordPad on a PC — you’ll feel right at home typing within Pages. Just in case, however, here are the high points:

  • The bar-shaped text cursor, which looks like a capital letter I, indicates where the text you enter will appear within a Pages document.

  • To enter text, simply begin typing. Your characters appear at the text cursor.

  • To edit existing text in your Pages document, click the insertion cursor at any point in the text and drag the insertion cursor across the characters to highlight them. Type the replacement text, and Pages automatically replaces the existing characters with the ones you type.

  • To delete text, click and drag across the characters to highlight them; then press Delete.

To save a Pages document after you finish it (or to take a break while designing), follow these steps:

  1. Press Command+S.

    If you’re saving a document that hasn’t yet been saved, the familiar Save As sheet appears.

    Determine what to call your document.
    Determine what to call your document.
  2. Type a filename for your new document.

  3. Click the Where pop-up menu and choose a location to save the document.

    Alternatively, click the button sporting the down arrow to expand the Save As sheet. This allows you to navigate to a different location, or to create a new folder to store this Pages project.

    Determine where to save your document if you haven’t saved it before.
    Determine where to save your document if you haven’t saved it before.
  4. Click Save.

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