After you create a YouTube or Vimeo account, it’s child’s play to add a video from either site to a web page. Vimeo’s embed code supports mobile devices like the iPad and iPhone. To embed a video in a web page, complete the following steps


Create a new web page in your favorite HTML editor.

Any HTML editor that lets you work directly with code will do.


Create the content for the page.

Position your cursor where you want the video to appear, and then switch to Code view.


Navigate to Vimeo or YouTube and select the video you want to embed.

Here is the Embed This Video dialog box from Vimeo.


Select the option to embed.

Here is the Embed code from YouTube.


Copy the code.

Make sure you select all the code. The easy way to do this is to place your cursor inside the text box with the embed code, press Ctrl+A (Windows) or Apple+A (Mac) to select all the code, and then press Ctrl+C (Windows) or Apple+C (Mac) to copy the code to the system Clipboard.


In the web page you’re creating, position your cursor where you want the video to appear. Paste the embed code.

Press Ctrl+V (Windows) or Apple+V (Mac) to paste the embed code.


Save the web page and then upload it to your server. Navigate to the web page and preview the video.

The video will play when you click the play button in the YouTube or Vimeo player. The beauty of this is that your company or your client’s company doesn’t get hit with the bandwidth: Vimeo or YouTube does.