If you want to share a Note you wrote on your iPad with a friend or colleague, or even access your note on your main computer to move it into a word-processing program, you can easily e-mail the contents of a note by using these steps:


On the Home Screen, tap Note and tap a Note on the list.

The note opens.


Tap the E-Mail button on the bottom of the screen.

An email form appears.


Type one or more e-mail addresses in the appropriate fields.

To display your contacts list and choose recipients, tap the + button in the top-right corner of the e-mail message form. This only works with contacts for which you've entered e-mail addresses.

To change the subject or message, tap in either area and edit away.


Tap the Send button.

Your e-mail is on the way.

To cancel an e-mail message and return to Notes without sending it, tap the Cancel button in the e-mail form and then tap Don't Save in the dialog that appears. To leave a message but save a draft so you can finish and send it later, tap Cancel and then tap Save. The next time you tap the E-Mail button with the same note displayed in Notes, your draft appears.