Although men usually have fewer choices in hairstyling than women, you still have to master the main male hairstyles. Keep in mind that men also have another hairy area to consider: the face. You can hair to the chinline just as you do to the hairline to create a dramatic beard.


Give your male fashion figures a head of short hair.

Sketch a square-jawed head shape for a guy, complete with the basic facial features and a hairline mapped out. Using a series of short, straight lines and a few curved lines, map out a short style with the hair ending at the top of the ears. Make sure the short lines follow the grain of the hair. Add shading for depth and shine.


Draw an African-American man’s hairdo from the front.

Sketch a square-jawed face for a guy, complete with the basic facial grid. Add in facial features and some shading around the lips for a manly five o’clock shadow. Then complete your hair look.

The bald look: Square off the top of the head slightly for a bald look. Add a few lines for the skin of the forehead to add dimension to the look.

Short hair: To add short hair, map out a hairline that starts by the ears and curves around the forhead. Make sure the forehead of the hairline has a U shape. Add some shading with the side of your pencil to add color and texture.

The Afro: Using a thin, squiggly line, map out a helmet-like shape around the face covering the ears and some of the forehead. You can decide the size of the Afro by how far out you want the outer perimeter lines of the hair to extend. Finish the look by adding short and long thin squiggly lines throughout the inside of the Afro.


Draw an African-American man sporting some great styles from the side.

Sketch a long, narrow oval with a curve connected to it for the back of the head. Add in a facial grid. Add in facial features in profile, including a square jawline and an ear above the jaw lined up with the eyes. Then add your hairstyle.

The bald look: Round out the back of the head for a smooth bald look. Add in some shading with the side of your pencil to lightly show a barely-there hairline from the back of the neck, around the ear, and up and around the forehead. The trick is to keep the hairline very light!

The Afro: Use a thin squiggly line and map out a a curve around the back of the head adding as much room as you want the Afro to fill. Continue the line from the neck up the side of the face covering the ears and resting on the forehead. Add some thin, long and short squiggly lines for texture.

Cornrows: Draw a pair of thin, sqiggly lines that follow the shape of the ear. Wrap the pair of lines around the ear. Continue making rows until the last set of lines is the profile of the head. Finish the look by drawing texture on the pairs of lines for braids. Start with the pair of squiggly lines, draw x’s over the pair of lines, and finish with light shading on the outside of the squiggly lines.


Create the free-spirit approach with longer locks for men.

Draw a square-jawed head for a more masculine look, and then map out the basic facial features. Sketch in a side part and an outline of where you would like the hair to fall.

For a shaggy look, add short and long lines in various shades to the ends of the hair, the parted area, in the front across the eye, and in the back toward the top of the head. Create dimension by leaving a little shadow at the top of the hair and along the sides, and leave white space to provide shine.

End the hair below the chin on one side, and make the hair on the other side chin length.


Create a mysterious smooth male look (without having to buy gel or pomade).

Sketch a male profile with a hairline to show the full benefits of smoothed-backed hair. For the hair, follow the shape of the head; curve all your lines away from the forehead or toward the nape of the neck. Taper the hair at the back and the side of the head for an elegant, more-controlled look. Add some shading and leave some white places for shine.


Give your fashion male figures a spiked and trendy coif.

Draw a man’s head in a three-quarter view with chiseled facial features mapped out. Place a hairline above his eyes. The distance from his eyes to his hairline should be about the same as the distance between his eyes and his mouth. Lightly sketch in the hair shape.

Use many clusters of short, vertical, straight lines to cover the head for style. Use shading for depth toward the hairline and the ears, and leave some white space.


Convey a moody attitude for your male figures.

Draw a guy’s head, complete with basic facial features mapped out with the hairline starting just above the eyebrows. Add a few lines under the ears to map out the length.

Sketch the hair shape lightly and close to the head shape, stopping it just above the shoulders. Draw some hair tucked behind the ear on one side.

Add some hair going across one eye. For texture, draw a few lines near the center part, below the ear, and by the shoulders. Add shading in the hair around the ear and toward the back of the head for dimension.