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How to Draw Hairstyles for Male Fashion Figures

Draw an African-American man’s hairdo from the front.

Sketch a square-jawed face for a guy, complete with the basic facial grid. Add in facial features and some shading around the lips for a manly five o’clock shadow. Then complete your hair look.

The bald look: Square off the top of the head slightly for a bald look. Add a few lines for the skin of the forehead to add dimension to the look.

Short hair: To add short hair, map out a hairline that starts by the ears and curves around the forhead. Make sure the forehead of the hairline has a U shape. Add some shading with the side of your pencil to add color and texture.

The Afro: Using a thin, squiggly line, map out a helmet-like shape around the face covering the ears and some of the forehead. You can decide the size of the Afro by how far out you want the outer perimeter lines of the hair to extend. Finish the look by adding short and long thin squiggly lines throughout the inside of the Afro.

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