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Draw an African-American man sporting some great styles from the side.

Sketch a long, narrow oval with a curve connected to it for the back of the head. Add in a facial grid. Add in facial features in profile, including a square jawline and an ear above the jaw lined up with the eyes. Then add your hairstyle.

The bald look: Round out the back of the head for a smooth bald look. Add in some shading with the side of your pencil to lightly show a barely-there hairline from the back of the neck, around the ear, and up and around the forehead. The trick is to keep the hairline very light!

The Afro: Use a thin squiggly line and map out a a curve around the back of the head adding as much room as you want the Afro to fill. Continue the line from the neck up the side of the face covering the ears and resting on the forehead. Add some thin, long and short squiggly lines for texture.

Cornrows: Draw a pair of thin, sqiggly lines that follow the shape of the ear. Wrap the pair of lines around the ear. Continue making rows until the last set of lines is the profile of the head. Finish the look by drawing texture on the pairs of lines for braids. Start with the pair of squiggly lines, draw x’s over the pair of lines, and finish with light shading on the outside of the squiggly lines.

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