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Draw the nose in profile view.

Noses in profile can be pointy and simple; rounded and simple; or either pointy or rounded with some nostril detail and shading. No matter which style you like, all these noses begin with two simple lines that meet up somewhere away from the face.

Draw a line that angles away from the face, and draw another line that’s a slight downward curve back toward the face. When you put these lines together, they create a nose in profile.

The top of the nose starts around the eye level line, and the nose finishes about a third of the way down the bottom half of the head.

The distance you bring the nose away from the face on the angle is the distance you bring back the curve underneath. Notice that the top of the nose line lines up with the end of the lower curve.

For a nose with a rounded look, simply round out the point where the angled line meets the curve.

To add detail, simply draw in a C-shaped curve above the open end of the lower curve. For the nostril, draw another little curved line above the lower curve but closer to the point of the nose.

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