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Try the layered look for women with a knee-length dress paired with a sweater coat, knee-high socks, and boots.

Sketch a full length female pose in three-quarter view. The Peter Pan collar takes two steps. First draw a curved line at the neckline, and then draw two half circles below it, meeting up at the center front of the collar. For the rest of the sweater coat, follow along the sides of the body and draw the hem right over the knees.

Draw the coat buttoned at the first two buttons and open the rest of the way down. Start a center front line at the center of the collar and keep it as one line until below the breasts. Split the center front line into two lines that go down to the hem, spreading out more the farther down they go. Add two horizontal lines near the bottom of the coat’s opening.

The lower line is the back hem of the coat. The higher line is the bottom of the model’s dress. Add buttons to one side of the coat and fringe on the coat’s hem.

Finish the coat by drawing sleeves that end a little below the elbow. Add the model’s legs, paying attention to where the thighs show in relation to the hems. Instead of ending the boots at the ankle, end them around the middle of the calf and add knee-high socks with ribbing at the top.

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