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To draw a more detailed eye, start with a circle to represent the iris (the colored part of the eye).

For the pupil, draw a small circle in the center of the iris. Fill in the pupil with black, leaving a small white area for shine.

For the outside of the eye, draw an almond shape that cuts off the top third of the iris circle and extends past the circle. Add detail inside the iris circle, such as lines radiating out from the black pupil. Keep the inside corner of the eye (the side by the nose) small and pointed, and keep the other side of the eye wider. Draw a tiny circle at the inside corner of the eye.

Erase the top of the iris circle that extends above the almond shape and then shade the inside of the iris slightly. For the lower lashes, add small curved lines around the bottom lid to the corner of the eye.

For the upper eyelid, add a line that follows the same curve as the almond shape; lightly shade in the upper eyelid. Add lots of curved eyelashes on the top part of the eye, extending farther as the lines near the outside corner.

Finish the look with an eyebrow.

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