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Draw a plaid print on an old-fashioned halter swimsuit.

Draw a fashion figure of a woman. Map out a halter swimsuit with a center front seam.

Draw a basic grid system on the swimsuit, starting with the center front line going straight down the center front of the body. Draw vertical lines that start at the neckline. The lines go straight down along her body and then radiate out at the hip area. Finish with horizontal lines that wrap around the curves of her body, such as at her breasts, hips, and waist.

Angling the plaid on both sides of the center front seam creates a chevron pattern. In woven fabrics, this angling is called placing the fabric on the bias. A bias-cut fabric has been cut at a 45-degree angle instead of along the threads, tilting any patterns (like taking a square and turning it into a diamond). This shows how the fabric stretches on your model; woven fabrics stretch slightly on the bias (the diagonal).

Add the tight zigzag lines on every other horizontal and vertical line.

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