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Draw a pair of dress pants.

To achieve an elegant high-waisted look in pants, begin with a front or three-quarter pose and draw a basic pair of pants, but make some modifications.

Higher waistlines: Elegant pants usually have waistlines that begin around the bellybutton or higher.

Wider waistbands without belt loops: Of course, like anything in fashion design, there are exceptions to this rule.

The pant legs: Dress pants usually feature wide legs, which often have wide cuffs. Elegant pants tend to have a flowy feel because they’re usually made out of lighter weight material than pants such as jeans or khakis. They may be pressed with creases down the center front of each leg; sometimes the crease is only pressed around the hem, and other times it goes all the way up to the thighs.

The zipper: Many elegant pants have a side opening and zipper. For this look, simply draw the center front line without a fly, and if you’re using a three-quarter view, show some topstitching around the side seam for the length of the zipper.

Use the side or three-quarter view when you want to show the side zipper.

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