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When drawing a stick figure from the side for your fashion sketches, start with an 8-head count. A stick figure drawn from the side looks a bit more relaxed because you show a bit of a curve in the spine by the waist. The head shape is slightly angled, but the proportion lines remain the same.

Try these steps to draw a figure facing right:

  1. Draw a head shape in a three-quarter view, as in (a) in the figure.

    The curved line going down the head marks the center of the face.

  2. Draw a straight line by counting down 7 heads. For the foot, end with a small triangle that starts about 1/2 head from the bottom. (See b.)

  3. At 4 heads from the top, draw a horizontal line for the hips. Add a slight curve to the back above the hips. (See c.)

  4. Start the arm line below the stick figure’s actual head and have the arm hang straight down. Start the hand slightly below the top of the 5th head and extend the hand and fingers almost to the bottom of that head. (See d.)

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