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How to Download the Facebook App on Your Samsung Galaxy S 4

Tap the button that says Install.

Before the download process begins, the Google Play store tells you what this application plans to do on your phone.

This information lists all the permissions you will be granting the application when you download it.

This is similar to the license agreements that you sign. Hopefully you read them all in detail and understand all the implications. In practice, you hope that it is not a problem if lots of other people have accepted these conditions. In the case of a well-known application like Facebook, you are probably safe, but you should be careful with less popular apps.

Each app asks you for permission to access information, such as your location. If you do not want the app to use that information or share it somehow, here is where you would find out if the app uses this information. You may be able to limit the amount of location information. If you are not comfortable with that, you should decline the app in its entirety.

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