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How to Download the Facebook App on Your Samsung Galaxy S 4

Tap the Facebook app and you will get a lot of information.

Before you continue to the next step, check out some important elements on this page.

Title Line: The top section has the formal name of the application with an Install button. After you click this to download and install the app, you'll see some other options.

Screen Captures: These are representative screens. They are a little too small to read, but they do add some nice color to the page.

Feedback Statistics: This particular app has about 3.5 stars out of five. That's not bad, but not great. The other numbers tell you how many folks have voted, how many have downloaded this app, the date it was released, and the size of the app in MB.

Rate and Review: This is blank until you have downloaded the app that you would be voting on.

What's New: This information is important if you have a previous version of this app. Skip this section for now.

Description: This tells you what the app does.

Reviews: This section gets into more details about what people thought beyond the star ranking.

More by Facebook: The app developer in this case is Facebook. If you like the style of a particular developer, this section tells you what other apps they offer.

Users Also Installed: Play Store tells you the names of other apps that the customers who downloaded this app also downloaded. It is a good indicator of what else you may like.

Users Also Viewed: Same idea as the previous bullet, but it's somewhat less of an endorsement. The other users only viewed the other apps shown here. They didn't necessarily purchase them.

Developer: This section gives you contact information on the developer of this app.

Google Play Content: This is how you tell the Play Store whether this app is naughty or nice.

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