In Excel 2007, it can be difficult to view your formulas without accidentally editing them. That’s because anytime you are in “edit” mode and the active cell has a formula, the formula might incorporate the address of any other cell you click. This totally messes things up.

Wouldn’t it be easy if you could just look at all your formulas? There is a way! Follow these steps:


Click the Office button and then click the Excel Options button.

The Excel Options dialog box appears.


Click the Advanced tab in the left pane.

The Advanced options appear in the right pane.


Scroll down to the Display Options for This Worksheet section.

These options appear about two-thirds of the way down.


Select the Show Formulas in Cells Instead of Their Calculated Results check box and then click OK.

Excel displays the formulas in the worksheet cells.

To quickly switch between displaying formulas and the formula results in the current worksheet, press Ctrl+` (the accent mark that shares a key with the tilde). This keyboard shortcut works as a toggle.