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The Windows XP Guest account allows anyone to use your laptop. Even considering that the Guest account is highly limited, that's just enough for a data thief to get a foothold and start hacking away.

To remove the Guest account, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Start→Control Panel, and open the Control Panel's User Accounts icon.

    The User Accounts dialog box gives you all sorts of options.

  2. Look to see whether the text “Guest Account Is Off” appears.

    The Guest account might already be turned off, so stop here or you might accidentally turn it on.

  3. Click the Guest account image to select it.

    You'll be faced with a few Guest account settings.

  4. Choose Turn Off the Guest Account.

    If you ever need to turn the Guest account back on, this is the place to do that as well.

  5. Close the User Account window.

    Just click the X in the upper-right, and only those who know the password can get into your laptop.

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