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If you record a particular video with your Flip camera that you don’t want to save, you can delete the video to erase the video file from your Flip’s memory. You can also delete all saved videos from your Flip camera in one fell swoop. To delete a selected video or every video saved on your Flip, you use the Delete button.

To delete a video file (or all your video files), follow these steps:

  1. With your Flip camera on and the Ready screen displayed, press the Left and Right buttons to browse through your videos to find the one you want to delete.

    If you want to delete all of your videos, proceed to the next step.

  2. Press the Delete button.

    If the Deleted Lock screen appears, press and hold the Delete button until the Delete Unlocked screen appears, and then press the Delete button again after your selected video reappears onscreen.

    The Delete Video? screen appears and displays three options (Yes, No and All).

  3. Press the Left or Right buttons to select the option you want:

    • Yes: You’re sure you want to delete the video file.

    • No: You were only kidding, and you don’t want to delete the file.

    • All: You’re dead-set on deleting every video file saved on your camera.

  4. Press the Play button to confirm your choice (or press the Delete button if you changed your mind and you don’t want to delete your file or files).

    The “Deleting Video” message appears for a moment, and then your Flip returns to the live camera view screen.

If you hesitate for more than five seconds during any of the preceding steps, your Flip assumes that you’re not really sure about your decision, and it closes the “Delete Video?” screen, flashes a “Not Deleted” message for a moment to show there are no hard feelings, and then returns to the live camera view screen.

Videos you delete from your Flip that you don’t copy to your computer’s hard drive are not recoverable. If you’re on the fence about deleting a certain video file (or files), consider connecting your Flip to your computer and copying your saved video files to your computer’s hard drive. Then go ahead and delete those original files from your Flip camera so you can shoot more videos.

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