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Having a faulty sound card is probably the worst problem you’re ever going to encounter on Spotify. And plenty of frustrated messages online relate to sound-card issues. In most cases, these problems sort themselves out after a few days (did you check your Mute button?), but it can get mighty stressful if you rely on Spotify to play music for gatherings.

Here’s a checklist of things you can try before submitting a support request:

  • Is the problem only restricted to Spotify? If so, then you may need to reinstall it first. Then, if the problem persists, follow up on the other reasons in this list.

  • If you’re running Spotify under Wine in Linux, have you entered the correct audio settings?

  • Have you updated the driver for your sound card to make sure you have the latest version? Your sound card is the hardware device inside your computer responsible for playing sound, and the driver is the program that sits between it and your computer, enabling it to run.

    Usually, updating your operating system to the latest version should do the trick because it detects the latest drivers for your sound card. If you have a Windows computer, go to Microsoft for help. For Mac, go to Apple Support. If you installed a sound card on your computer, you may need to manually update the drivers from the manufacturer’s website.

  • A change in your setup or a system crash may have caused Spotify to stop working. You can try to go to a previous restore point or backup, from when you were sure Spotify was working.

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