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In Microsoft Excel 2010, you can customize the Ribbon by adding brand new tabs and creating custom groups of command buttons within the displayed Ribbon tabs. Use the Customize Ribbon tab of the Excel Options dialog box to add new tabs to the Ribbon and customize the existing Ribbon tabs. You also can change the order in which the tabs appear in the Ribbon and which groups of command buttons appear on each of these displayed tabs.

To add a brand new tab to the Ribbon, follow these steps:


Choose File→Options→Customize Ribbon.

Excel displays the Customize Ribbon tab of the Excel Options dialog box, with the Main Tabs selected in the Customize the Ribbon list box on the right.


Under Main Tabs, select the tab that you want the new Ribbon tab to come before.

Excel inserts the new tab before the one that’s currently selected in the Customize the Ribbon list box. (If you want your new tab at the end, select the new tab and later use the Move Down button to move the new tab down one position in the list box.)


Click the New Tab button below the Customize the Ribbon list box.

Excel inserts a tab called New Tab (Custom) with a single group called New Group (Custom) displayed and selected.


Add commands to this custom group by selecting them in the Choose Commands From list box and then clicking the Add button.

When adding commands, you can select them from any of the categories: Popular Commands, Commands Not in the Ribbon, All Commands, Macros, File, All Tabs, Main Tabs, Tool Tabs, and Custom Tabs and Groups.


To rename the custom tab or group, select it and click the Rename button, type the new group name in the Display Name text box, and click OK.

The new group name now displays in the Customize the Ribbon list box.


(Optional) To add another group to the same custom tab, click the New Group button below the list box, and then add all its command buttons before renaming it (refer to Steps 4 and 5).

Use the Move Up and Move Down buttons (to the right of the Customize the Ribbon list box) if you need to reposition any groups on the custom tab.


Click OK.

The new custom tab appears in the Ribbon. The following figure shows a new Ribbon tab named Quick Formulas that holds the Calculate Now button.

You can only add commands to custom groups on the Ribbon. You can, however, add a custom group to an existing Ribbon tab. Just click that tab's name in the Customize the Ribbon list box (on the Customize Ribbon tab of the Excel Options dialog box), click the New Group button, and add commands to the new group.

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