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As you browse from Web page to Web page, your Windows 7 browser’s Jump List accumulates a list of your recent browser history. In Windows 7, you can customize your browser’s Jump Lists to include your favorite Web sites. You can also use pinning to permanently place links for your favorite Web sites to your browser’s Jump List.

  1. Open your browser and visit one of your favorite Web sites.

    If you have a few different sites you want to add, you can go ahead and visit them now.

  2. Right-click your browser’s icon on either the taskbar or the Start menu.

    The same Jump List appears for either icon location.

  3. Click to the right of an item and click the stick pin.

    Pinned items stay on the list regardless of how recently they were opened.

  4. Repeat for your favorite sites.

    Don’t get too carried away though, the Jump List can’t hold all your favorites.

If you get tired of having a Web site on your browser’s Jump List all the time, just open the Jump List and click the stick pin to the right of the item. The item will then fall off the pinned pane in the Jump List.

You can also pin Web sites to your browser’s jump list another way. Open the Web site in your browser, then click and drag the favicon off the address bar and on to the browser’s icon on the taskbar.

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