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How to Crop Video in iMovie '11

iMovie allows you to improve your video by cropping it when needed. Cropping video in iMovie allows you to highlight an area of a scene or focus in on an otherwise distant subject. Cropping video in iMovie is similar to cropping a photo in iPhoto: you mark an area you wish to keep, and the rest is cropped (removed).


Select a clip to crop and click the Crop, Rotate, and Ken Burns button.

The clip appears in the Viewer pane, and the Cropping Tools are displayed.


Click the Crop button inside the viewer.

A green crop rectangle appears.


Using the rectangle's outer handles, resize it and drag it over the crop-worthy portion of the image.

As you drag the green rectangle, the portions of the image outside the rectangle are dimmed, to show that they will be cropped.

If need be, click one of the arrows to rotate the entire image in either direction.


Click Done to crop the video.

Before confirming the crop, you can click the Preview button to see what your newly cropped clip will look like. Or you can click the Fit button to restore the clip to the full frame and try again.

In any case, if you click Done, the crop applies to the entire clip.

Your cropped video may look grainy if you used a low-resolution camcorder, shot in low resolution, or crop to a small portion of the frame. Press Fit at any time to undo the cropping.

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