With iPhoto, you can remove unwanted portions of an image by cropping with iPhoto’s image editing tools. The first step in any editing job is to select the image you want to fix in the Viewer. Then click the Edit button on the iPhoto toolbar to switch to the Edit mode controls. Now you’re ready to fix problems by using the editing tools.

Follow these steps to crop an image:


Click the Crop button in the Edit toolbar.

Handles appear on the image, allowing you to specify what to crop.


In the Viewer, click and drag the handles on the rectangle to outline the part of the image that you want.

Remember, whatever’s outside this rectangle disappears after the crop is completed.

When you drag a corner or edge of the outline, a semi-opaque grid (familiar to amateur and professional photographers as the nine squares from the Rule of Three) helps you visualize what you’re claiming.


(Optional) Choose a preset aspect ratio.

If you want to force your cropped selection to a specific aspect ratio—such as 4 x 3 for an iDVD project—click the Constrain check box and select that ratio from the Constrain pop-up menu.


Click the Apply button.

Don’t forget that you can use iPhoto’s Undo feature if you mess up and need to try again. Just press Command+Z.

iPhoto features multiple Undo levels, so you can press Command+Z several times to travel back through your last several changes.