You can use PowerPoint’s cropping tool to remove unwanted parts of a graphic in your PowerPoint slide. PowerPoint’s cropping tool doesn’t give you the fine control that some photo editing equipment has, but you can certainly trim off your graphic to make it more appealing. Follow these steps to crop a graphic:


Click a graphic.

The graphic is selected.


Click the (Picture Tools) Format tab.

The Picture tools display.


Click the Crop button.

Depending on the size of your screen, you may have to click the Size button to get to the Crop button. You see the cropping pointer, and instead of selection handles. Eight cropping handles appear around the graphic: one on each side and one on each corner.


Drag a handle to crop start cropping.

Crop marks adjust so you can see what part of your graphic will display.


Release the mouse button when only the portion of the graphic that you want is inside the dashed lines.

If you crop too much, grab a cropping handle and drag away from the center of the image. What you cropped reappears.


Depending on whether pictures in your document snap to the grid, cropping a picture with precision can be difficult. When objects snap to the grid, aligning them is easier because they always stick to the gridlines, but moving them and cropping them with precision is more difficult. If you need to shave off a small part of a picture but are having trouble doing it, hold down the Alt key as you drag the Cropping tool. By holding down the Alt key, you can crop off the parts of a picture that fall between gridlines.