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Windows 7 dumped the handy movie-editing program that came with Windows XP and Windows Vista; however, you can still create digital movies using the Windows Live Essentials pack.

Although Windows Live Movie Maker can help you to create a complete, edited digital movie, it is not as capable as the Movie Maker program that came with previous versions of windows.

To see what Windows Live Movie Maker has to offer, download the program from Microsoft’s Live Essentials Web site. You'll need to install both the Windows Live Movie Maker and the Windows Live Photo Gallery before you begin.

To make a completed movie, you'll need to

  • Import your files. For some reason, Windows Live Movie Maker can’t import your video from your video camera. You must import it through Windows Live Photo Gallery, and then access it in Movie Maker.

  • Edit your clips. This step combines your video clips, music, and pictures into a structured movie. Edit each clip down to its best moments and add transitions between the clips. Toss in a soundtrack, as well.

  • Publish your completed movie into a single file. When you finish editing, Movie Maker combines your batch of clips or photos into a complete movie, ready to be played back on your computer or saved to a DVD.

Creating movies requires a lot of free hard drive space. A 15-minute movie can consume 2.5GB. If Movie Maker complains about space, you have two choices: Create smaller videos or upgrade your computer with a second hard drive.

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