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How to Create Contact Groups on an Android Tablet

Aren't you popular! The address book on your Android tablet is an endless list of family, friends, business associates, and more. Create Contact Groups to keep them all organized. The advantage isn't so much keeping similar contacts together, though that's a nice side effect. The big advantage is that many tablets let you use the groups to compose messages or send invites to events. But before doing that, you must first create a group and add people to it.

To create a group, or to review existing groups in your Android tablet, heed these steps:

  1. Open the tablet's address book app.

    The app might be named Contacts or People or something similar.

  2. Choose the Groups item from the upper-left corner of the screen.

    Groups may appear as a tab or you may have to select it from a menu. When you choose Groups, the address book app shows your contact groups.

    The contact groups can be a Google thing, in which case what you see for groups on your tablet is also reflected with your Gmail contacts on the Internet. Any groups you've created for Gmail also appear on your Android tablet.

  3. Choose a group to examine its membership.

    The contacts you see listed in a group are pulled from the address book; they don't exist only in the group.

  4. To create a new group, touch the New Group icon.

    The icon may look like a plus sign, which is a standard Android convention. Some tablets may show a variation, such as a group silhouette with a plus sign superimposed.

  5. If prompted, choose the account for the group.

    Use your Google account.

  6. Set a name for the new group.

    Touch the Group Name field and type a short, descriptive name. For example, Criminals or Drinking Buddies.

  7. Add members to the group.

    The members must be existing contacts. The method of adding the members varies depending on the address book app. For some apps, you're presented with an Add Member button. Use it to choose contacts. Other apps may have you select contacts from a list, placing a check mark by those you want to add. Still other apps may have you search names to add by typing them in a text box.

    Keep adding members that belong in the group, such as your Christmas card list, sewing group, or friends with whom you share your plutonium.

  8. Touch the Done or Save button to create the group.

    The group now appears in the list of groups on your tablet, as well as any other mobile device that accesses your Google account.

You can manage groups after they're created, adding and removing contacts. The methods differ from app to app, but generally summon the group and touch the Edit icon or choose the Edit command from the menu. You can then choose individual members to remove from the group, or use the Add icon or command to bring in new members.

Adding or removing a contact from a group doesn't affect the contact's main entry in the address book app.

You can also remove groups you no longer use. This task can be done either by removing all group members or by displaying the group and choosing a Remove or Delete command from the menu.

It's also possible to manage your Google contact groups on the Internet using a web browser, which some folks find easier to do.

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