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How to Create an E-Mail Signature on Your Nexus 7

Some of the most interesting things you can do on your Nexus 7 are to modify or create an e-mail signature, specify how mail you retrieve on the tablet is deleted from the server, and assign a default e-mail account for the Email app.

It is highly recommended that you create a custom e-mail signature for sending messages from your Nexus 7. Here’s an example signature:

This was sent from my Nexus 7.
Typos, no matter how hilarious, are unintentional.

To create a signature for Gmail, obey these directions:

  1. Start the Gmail app.

  2. Touch the Menu icon button.

  3. Choose Settings.

  4. Choose your Gmail account (your address).

    Yes, your e-mail address is a command on a menu. It’s not just sitting there to be informative.

  5. Choose Signature.

  6. Type or dictate your signature.

  7. Touch OK.

You can obey these same steps to change your signature; the existing signature shows up after Step 5.

To set a signature for the Email app, heed these steps:

  1. In the Email app, touch the Menu icon button.

  2. Choose Settings.

  3. Choose an account.

    The accounts are named after your e-mail address, unless you gave them another name when you first set things up.

  4. Choose Signature.

  5. Type or dictate your new outgoing e-mail signature.

  6. Touch the OK button.

When you have multiple e-mail accounts, repeat these steps to configure a signature for each one.

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