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A Snow Leopard alias acts as a link to an application or document that actually exists elsewhere on your system. You can create your own aliases in a number of ways — all of them easy. (Using an alias is handy when organizing items on your hard drive). To create your own alias, select an item and then perform one of these actions:

  • Choose File from the Finder menu and choose the Make Alias menu item. (You have to move the alias yourself.)

    Click Make Alias on the Finder menu.
    Click Make Alias on the Finder menu.
  • Press the Command+L. (Again, you have to move the new alias to its new location.)

  • Click the Action button on the Finder toolbar and then click Make Alias.

  • Hold down Control while clicking the selected item and then choose Make Alias from the contextual menu that appears.

  • Hold down the Command+Option key combination and drag the item to the location where you want the alias.

Although Mac Snow Leopard does a great job of tracking the movements of an original and updating an alias, some actions can break the link. For example, if you delete the original, the alias is left wandering in search of a home. However, all is not lost; when you double-click a broken alias, Mac OS X offers to help you fix the alias. This involves browsing through your system to locate a new original.

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