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In Photoshop Elements 11, to help avoid confusion between photo books and photo collages, the Albums pane has been moved from a panel in the Panel Bin to a pane in the Import panel. Look to the left side of the Organizer to find albums.

With albums and star ratings, you can break down a collection into groups that you may want to mark for printing, sharing, or using in onscreen slide shows. To create an album, follow these steps:


Sort photos in the Media Browser to determine which photos you want to include in a new album.

Click the plus (+) icon at the top of the left panel.


From the drop-down menu, click New Album.

Notice that you see the Albums menu on the left side of the Organizer window. When you create a new album, the remaining work you perform on an album, such as naming the album, categorizing the album, adding content to an album, and sharing an album, is all handled in the Panel Bin on the right side of the Organizer window.

The location of the menu is different than earlier versions of Elements, where the menu and the album options were all contained in the Panel Bin.


Name the new album.

In the Panel Bin, you see the Add New Album panel. Type a name for the album in the Album Name text box.


Drag photos from the Media Browser to the Content pane in the Add New Album panel.

The only photos in the Media Browser are those files with a three or greater star rating. If you didn’t sort files, you can do so now or simply pick and choose which photos to add to the new album from photos appearing in your catalog.

If you want to include all photos in the Media Browser, press Ctrl+A/Command+A to Select All or choose Edit→Select All. After the files are selected, drag them to the Content pane in the Add New Album panel. If you don’t have files sorted, click one or more photos and drag them to the Content pane. Repeat dragging photos until you have all photos you want to include in your new album.


Click Done at the bottom of the panel.

Your new album now appears listed in the Albums panel.

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