A theme font you create in PowerPoint becomes part of the theme you’re working in. It becomes available to all PowerPoint presentations you create with the theme later. Follow these steps to create a theme font combination:


On the Design tab, click the Theme Fonts button.

Theme font options appear.


Choose Create New Theme Fonts on the drop-down list.

The Create New Theme Fonts dialog box appears.


On the drop-down lists, choose your fonts.

Select a Heading Font (for slide titles) and a Body Font (for the body text in slides).


Enter a descriptive name for your theme font in the Name text box.

The name you enter will appear at the top of the Theme Fonts drop-down list under “Custom.”


Click the Save button.


To change, rename, or delete a theme font you created, open the Theme Fonts drop-down list, right-click the theme font, and choose Edit. The Edit Theme Fonts dialog box appears so that you can choose new fonts, rename a theme font, or delete a theme font (by clicking the Delete button).