With Windows 7, you can use a system repair disc to boot your computer when all else fails. It is one of several recovery tools you may need in order to restore your computer. A system repair disc can be used if there is any hope at all of saving your files.

Your PC manufacturer most likely included its branded version of a system recovery disc with your computer, and you can also use your Windows 7 DVD to boot your computer. Having a system repair disc provides additional insurance in case you encounter problems with other recovery tools.


Open the Windows Control Panel, and then click System and Security.

The System and Security window appears.


Click Backup and Restore.

The Backup and Restore window appears.


In the left pane, click Create a System Repair Disc.

The Create a System Repair Disc dialog box appears.


Select the writeable CD/DVD drive that will be used to create the system repair disc, insert a blank disc, and click Create Disc.

Windows 7 begins creating your system repair disc. Be sure to clearly label your system repair disc, so you can easily find it when you need to.