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A Smart Group is a terrific way to manage information in your Mac Address Book. The key to using a Smart Group is to add a descriptive word that groups your desired addresses or information all together in the Notes field. For example, if a whole bunch of people in your Mac Address Book play softball on weekends, you can keep in touch with all your teammates by using one Smart Group. You just need to make sure to include “softball” in the Notes field.


Choose File→New Smart Group.

You see a dialog box that lets you customize your Note fields.


In the Smart Group Name field, type a name for your group.

Click the + and specify the group criteria using the pop-up menus.


(Optional) If you want to know when a new slugger has been added to the roster, make sure that the Highlight Group When Updated option is selected.

So whenever a new contact comes along and you type that particular word, that person will become part of your Smart Group.

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