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How to Create a Share Point in Lion Server

You can designate a folder or hard drive as a share point in Mac OS X Lion Server to enable shared access by users. Here’s how:

  1. If the folder you want to share doesn’t exist, create it in the Finder and give it a name.

    You can also create a new folder from within the Server app. Select your server in the sidebar under Hardware, click the Storage tab, navigate to a folder, click the gear icon, and select New Folder. You cannot delete or move a folder from here, however.

  2. Open the Server app and click the File Sharing icon.

  3. Click the Add (+) button.

  4. In the new dialog that appears, navigate to the folder or drive you want to share; select it, and click the Choose button.

    After a few seconds, the new share point appears in the Share Points list in the File Sharing pane, ready for further configuration.

There’s actually a second method creating a share point, but not from the Server app. You can use the Finder’s Get Info box. In the Finder, select a folder and press the cmd-I keys. Under General, select the Shared Folder check box. Here, you can also set permissions.

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