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How to Create a New User in Windows Vista

Even if you're the only one using your computer, you can safeguard your computer by adding another standard user in Windows Vista, which operates as the administrator account. Of course, you may also want to create new users in Windows Vista for family members, babysitters, and so on, so that others can access your computer without tampering with your personal or administrator account. You can easily create as many new or additional user profiles by following these simple steps.


Choose Start.

Select Control Panel from the Start Menu.


Click Add or Remove User Accounts.

You can find this link under User Accounts and Family Safety.


Click Create a New Account.

After you click Add or Remove User Accounts, the Manage Accounts dialog box will open, allowing you to click Create a New Account.


Enter an account name and select an account type.

In the resulting Name an account and choose an account type window, you can follow the onscreen instructions to enter a name for the account, select the account type, and set a password for it, if you like.


Click Create Account button.

You can simply close the Control Panel after you've clicked the Create Account button.

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